{Easy Mehndi Recepies} How to make Mehndi paste at home


As we all know mehndi designing have been a great aspect now in the industry of designing and arts. Once it was a renowned concept in early 50’s where there were kingdoms and empires ruled by  kings. However mehndi making was more favorite amongst the queens who preferred mehndi to design there hands which probably made them looked beautiful and moreover the colour enriched by mehndi after wash pronounced the amount of love possessed by wives from their husband. In early days people preferred making mehndi themselves rather than buying the already prepared one. Making mehndi at home is a simple task which will not require any typical stuff or gadgets.


So we begin here in this post of today as how to make mehndi paste at home. Here we will follow some simple steps as an easy was to make mehndi at home. As we follow along the steps you will get to know how easy it is to make mehndi at home which requires minimum efforts. If you are thinking of getting a ready made mehndi that’s not a problem you can choose any of the ways you would like to prefer. Here are the ways which will help you make mehndi paste at home in minutes.

easy ways to make henna at home

1: Starting from the scratch. Take some leaves from mehndi plant. Make sure the leaves are dark green and not the yellow aged ones cause the color matters. Wash the leaves properly in a bowl or whatever utensil you would like to prefer and dry them off in sun for few hours.

This is how a henna plant looks like just in case you are not able to recognize it.

henna plant

And if you are confused as how much dry should be leaves well they should be dry enough to make a dry mehndi powder which required no moisture to be left in leaves and they will look like this

henna dry leaves 2: Once we are through step 1, one thing for all those who want to skip the leaf and scratch part of making henna paste you can directly buy organic henna. I recommend organic ones cause they have no extra chemical for giving extra colour or if you prefer the dark colour you can go for non organic ones.

In continuation one the leaves are dry enough take all the leaves and grind then in mixer without water. You dont need water for now we will be using it later. After grinding the leaves we get the powdered form of henna which we probably buy.

henna powder


3. Once you have got the powder take a very thin cotton cloth or dupatta the rough one which you don’t use and filter dry henna using the cotton cloth. Now you must be wondering that why this filtering process. It is necessary part of henna making process so don’t ignore it since it will help you seperate the henna powder from all the lumps and small twigs and leftovers.

henna powder after filtering

4. Now you have impurities free henna powder so now we will begin making henna paste. Start adding water little by little and mix henna with it. Don’t pour water all together cause there are chances that the paste may be thin. You have to maintain the consistency thick enough to be able to make a stable mehndi paste. Once you understand that the amount of water have reached the consistency level stop adding water and mix the paste thoroughly. Mix the paste for at least five minutes to remove all the lumps there should be no remaining lumps at all mix it and keep checking for lumps.

henna paste

You can also add some lemon for good colour  and leave the paste over night. In the morning you can use this henna paste to make beautiful mehndi designs .