The Magnificence of an Indian Royal Wedding

When talking about royal weddings, India seems to be the land to solemn the nuptial bond. The ancient tradition and culture of India regard a wedding as the purest bond between two persons. This bond testifies a relationship which lasts forever, even after life. The rituals performed the Indian Royal Wedding are said to be sacred and make God the very witness of the bonding.  So it should not come as a surprise that an Indian Royal Wedding is indeed a very momentous event.

royal indian Wedding

Uncountable Kings and dynasties have ruled the mysterious Indian land. Resultantly, it has seamless kinds of wedding traditions which are truly epitomic and interesting in nature. The culinary, clothes and the culture together from a typical Indian Royal Wedding. One can view the insight of Indian weddings in the form of bidai, Kanya Daan, and saat phere. The bride completely leaves her house and begins a new journey with her in-laws and husband. The love that an Indian girl carries in her heart for everyone is something that adds grace to the Indian weddings. The brides are beautiful and binding. Throughout their lifespan, they are taught to nurture their families and live a selfless life.

The Indian Royal Wedding is more elaborate and enriching. These have a princely fervor with series of celebrations and ceremonials.  Along with the bride and groom, the entire wedding guests receive a red carpet treatment. The Indian weddings, in other words, are a real treat for the hosts as well as for the guests.

Indian Royal Wedding

Just before one head towards the celebration of an Indian Royal Wedding, one needs to decide on the destination, wedding venue, budget, clothes, food, and guest stay. The selection of the venue can range from a majestic palace to a religious temple. A wedding venue that is approachable for the guests as well as for the host is taken into consideration. The lodging facility is also selected somewhere nearby the wedding venue so that guests can conveniently attend all the major and minor ceremonials without finding it inconvenient to be present.

The level of enthusiasm and fervour in an Indian Royal Wedding is comparable to any festival in the country. There are sumptuous meals, extraordinary decorations, music and dance, friends and family, thousands of guests and of course – the bridegroom.

Apart from a royal wedding, an Indian wedding can also be a –

  • Temple Wedding – In these weddings the marriage ceremony takes place in a temple. In India, temples are considered to be the holiest place for hosting a wedding. They significance of temples in India is paramount, with their sanctity considered as the epitome of purity and serenity.
  • Hindu Wedding – This is the wedding ceremony in which a sacred Sanskrit script is enchanted, and holy hymns are sung to bless the couple. The wedding is planned in a traditional way and is conducted on a very auspicious day determined according to the Hindu calendar. The bride and the groom circle the holy fire holding hands, swearing on vows. The entire ceremony is splendidly beautiful.

Although an Indian wedding is conducted in various ways, an Indian Royal Wedding is the choice for those who want to celebrate their marriage amid grandeur and opulence. This is a way of expressing love with majesty and sophistication. An Indian Royal Wedding can either be organized personally or with the help of wedding planners.

As far as venues of wedding are concerned, India is the place of some breathtakingly beautiful places which add a new meaning to the wedding, making it all the more fabulous. Some of these outstanding venues to conduct an Indian Royal Wedding are –

  • Royal Wedding In Jaipur

    If selecting the place for your royal wedding ceremony, Jaipur is the place which tops the list. The ‘Pink City’ of India, Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and renowned for its palaces and royal ambiance which make it ideal for a royal wedding. There are numerous places or have lids which are an example of architecture brilliance. To name some – Samode Palace, Raj Palace and Gold Palace are the excellent choice of venue for an Indian Royal Wedding. 

  • Wedding In Kerala

    The stunning state of the south, Kerala – also known as ‘God’s country’ is yet another place where your royal wedding will be unforgettable. The scenic backdrop of the place is what allures people the most. Calm and laced with aesthetic simplicity, Kerela’s backwaters are a delight to the eyes. Kovalam, Varkala, Munnar and Alleppey are some of the destinations which are just about right to host a royal wedding.

  • Royal Wedding In Jodhpur

    Amidst the consuming silence of Thar Desert, there are some strikingly beautiful palaces in Jodhpur which will make the liveliness of the ceremony contrast with the surroundings. Ranbaka Palace, AjitBhawan, UmaidBhawan and Mehrangarh Fort are some of the most famous royal wedding destinations.

  • Royal Wedding At Udaipur

    Thinking of a lavish traditional royal wedding? Udaipur is where you should be. One among the India’s top royal wedding destinations, Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan having some amazing venues for a wedding ceremony. Visited by scores of domestic and international guests, this city has always been a favorite for organizing a royal wedding. Devi Garh, ManekChowk, Oberoi Udaivilas and Durbar Hall are the prominent wedding destinations.

Thus, an Indian Royal Wedding far more than what it looks. There is no doubt that the mesmerizing décor and milieu takes the better of spectators, but apart from that, it is a wedding – complete, genuine and filled with love. The wedding day is the most important day of one’s life, where you are present with the people closest to you, and of course, with the person, you love most in this world. This is the day when everything to happen should be flawless. It is true that planning a royal wedding is no easy task, but with the guidance and decisions, you can have the marriage ceremony you always dreamt of. So stop thinking and get going to celebrate your big day!