5 Silk Sarees that Should be on Your Buying List This Festive Season! 

Blend fun, frolic and glamour this festive season with silk sarees! Silk has always been thought of as a fine, fussy and festive fabric and rightly so! While it can be a bit delicate and high on maintenance, a silk saree is indispensable and you can’t just have enough of them! Be it for the addition of an extra pop of colour or for the sheer opulence, silk saree silhouettes are here to stay!

Here are the 5-silk sarees that are all glory and need to be on your wish list for the upcoming festive season! Whenever there is a big occasion coming up, we would keep coming to pure silk sarees designs and this is why we have made sure that your buying list is updated with these must-haves!

1) Raw silk

As elegant as they come, a raw silk saree is lustrous and soft. The colour pops out and the texture is a bit rustic too. It may not be lucid like pure silk, but if you are a fan of colour, brightness and softness in a fabric, it is your go-to option! It can be your go-to option for workwear too during the festive season. Make a fashion statement that is every bit festive as well as work-appropriate too!

2) Tussar silk

The grandeur and lucidity of a tussar silk saree are unparalleled. A bit metallic shine lends a natural gold colour to this silk and is just what you are looking to complement the festive season! Besides being illustrious and opulent in every aspect, tussar silk is more porous and skin-friendly, making it an ideal choice even in a warmer climate. The prints on tussar silk saree make it even more endearing sartorial pickwhile lending the drape an artistic vibe! 3) Kanjivaram Silk

Do you need reasons to buy a pure Kanjivaram silk saree? The finest of them all and of course, the most delicate and royal too! Often a part of a wedding trousseau, these handwoven silk sarees become a legacy and treasure for the generations to come!

4) Dharmavaram silk saree

If you are looking to make a traditional statement like no other for this season, a Dharmavaram saree does the bidding. What if we tell you it is the finest silk topped up with the handcrafted traditional pattern on pallu and along the border? Sold, siree! The Dharmavaram pattu sarees adorned with pure zari pattern standout for its craftsmanship, finesse and sheer luminosity!

 5) Chanderi silk saree

This very famous silk-cotton saree, brings you the blend of two finest fabric and makes for the best of sartorial choice! A chanderi silk saree with gold and silver brocade patterns and motifs such as traditional count art, floral art, peacocks and abstract geometric design doubles up as a brilliant choice for the festive occasion.

Now, when you have the list of must-haves sarees in your wardrobe ready, do something about it! Plan your festive outings in the most traditional manner possible with silk sarees! Flaunt the ethnic diva look and be a trendsetter!